Planar Cities

Sigil (see: Clerk’s Ward, Guildhall and Market’s Ward, Hive, Lady’s Ward, Lower Ward)

City of Brass – an Efreet city in the Inner Planes (Elemental Fire)

Dis – a city in the second layer of the Nine Hells

Hestavar – the main metropolis of Bytopia

Tu’narath – a Githyanki city in the body of a dead god in the Astral Plane

Shrak’tl’or – the biggest city of the Githzerai, in Limbo

Zerth’ad’lun – the most important Githzerai monastery, where the teaching of Zerthimon are taught to cenobites

Zelatar – Grazzt’s capital in his domain of Azzagrat, in the Abyss

Gate Towns – the various cities in the Outlands around the portals to other Outer Planes

Planar Cities

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